The Iron Butt Association's Long-Distance Riding Tips

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28 Tips and Techniques from IBR Veterans

1. Know your limits and plan your trip around them.
2. Forget about high speeds.
3. Leave your drugs and coffee supply at home.
5. Avoid adding accessories or doing maintenance immediately before a trip.
6. Use an electric vest.
7. Pack wisely — keep personal supplies handy.
8. Be ready before you leave, don't waste time shopping on the road.
9. Learn how to avoid boredom.
10. Join a towing service.
11. Learn to stop to go faster.
12. Know when to stop.
13. Maintain a good mental attitude.
14. Eat healthy foods.
15. Put on your rain suit before it rains.
16. Separate gas stops from food stops.
17. Stay hydrated 18. Carry at least one-half gallon of water.
19. Get gas before you need it.
20. Pack a variety of vitamins.
21. Carry aspirin for aches and pains.
22. When riding back roads, be extra cautious when crossing county lines.
23. Never ride faster than you can stop.
24. Do you want to live?     Stay away from trucks.
25. Eliminate all distractions and irritants.
26. Use a tracking device.
27. Carry a flat repair kit and know how to use it.
28. Upgrade your tool kit.